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    My experienced background in Agile and Change Management has helped me develop a unique approach for helping organizations, teams and individuals capitalize on change. I’ve helped to enable over 5,000 individuals discover transformation and see meaningful change in their lives. I’ve worked with product owners, managers, senior business leaders and scores of teams discover new, better ways of doing business. In each session, I help my clients unearth their strengths and challenges through informative sessions centered around honesty and empowerment.


    In addition to being a trusted advisor, I enjoy being a mirror for my clients where they can receive an open and honest assessment about their path in an empowering and useful manner.


    By asking the right questions and listening carefully, I enjoy helping my clients craft effective, practical and tailored strategies and roadmaps for success. These roadmaps help organizations and people get into the mindset they need to become the best in their field and industry.


    My areas of focus include agile "inside-out" transformation strategies, change management, leadership & managers, team building, motivation and empowering and goal-setting. My joy is to help you discover how you can turn every change into opportunity for learning, growth & success.


  • "As the Founder & Master Coach of First Class Agile, I serve in the Practice of Enabling Change."

  • Client Spotlight: An Unexpected Global Transformational Journey at ADP


    I met Tina at just about the time I was taking on my biggest leadership challenge to date: a global team of more than 150 people. And this was no “ordinary” team:

    • We sat in 20 countries across 5 continents;
    • 90% of the team spoke English as a second or third language; and
    • Roughly 75% of the team sat in traditional offices (multiple locations) while the remainder sat in home offices.

    At the time, teams were being pushed to go Agile, and Tina was assigned as our Agile coach. As we went through the readiness assessment, it became very clear that the odds were going to be against us for being successful: pretty much every best practice recommended as a part of the Agile approach was not going to work “out of the box” for us.


    My peers (and Tina’s) pretty much wrote off our chances, but Tina and I agreed to give it a shot.


    Within the space of about 8 months, we had adapted Agile to our global team environment and rolled it out to the team. We, in the leadership team, actually used Agile tools and techniques to make our adaptations which meant we really understood what we were asking the team to do, which also helped us gain significant credibility. We also applied retrospectives as change management tools to help us continuously improve what we were doing. And, because these retrospectives were led by the scrum teams themselves, we powered through snags that would have stymied top-down driven teams.


    The results were impressive – and considering that Agile “shouldn’t” have worked at all for us made the results nothing short of miraculous. In short, we were able to triple the annual revenue driven by our product suite (from $150M to $600M) in the first four years of going Agile…with nearly flat cost growth.


    Now the real story here is not so much Agile as it’s a story of change leadership gone right. While Tina certainly helped us with the mechanics and details of Agile, her most significant contribution was the way she supported us in making our change.


    While we were not a team naturally inclined to drive the change top-down, Tina helped us to elevate from change management to change leadership. She helped us to design the right mindset and framework to make the change, so that by the time we were ready to flip the switch to work in scrum teams and work on an iterative basis (none of which we had done before), the whole team – from senior leaders to junior programmers – felt like part of the action and understood why we were changing, not just what we were changing.


    I consider myself to be a competent and experienced leader of change, but even with my experience, I found Tina to be an invaluable asset to me and to my team. She introduced discipline without rigidity and, I believe, made something that probably would have turned out well, something truly outstanding of which we are all extremely proud.


    Michelle Hernandez

    Founder & CEO, Nest Consulting Resources, LLC



    We Strive to Be the Best.

    Passion, Energy & Knowledge

    "Tina provided Agile training for the team I work with and she is been a great trusted advisor for any Agile, Scrum, Kanban related topic. Tina was very effective in mentoring our team as we transitioned to Agile. She is very passionate and knowledgeable about agile and very easy to work with. She is always willing to take the time to coach the team members, asking thought provoking questions and providing training and guidance. Tina’s energy and focus and deep understanding of Agile would be a boon to any company that wants to improve it’s software development practices and Tina would be an asset for any organization."

    Madhavi Bonthu, Director of Application Development at ADP


    Skilled Change Leadership

    "Looking for an agile expert? Looking for a change leadership pro? You have found her! Tina has been a key champion and driver of agile and agile coach development & management at Intuit. I have trained & mentored a lot of coaches but I don't know anyone better than her with that right critical balance of technical agile skills married with change leadership to drive a large-scale agile adoption effort to success!"

    Alan Padula, Director, Agile Development at Veritas Technologies LLC


    Positivity & Supporting

    "One of my best memories from ADP was sharing many chats with Tina. She always was with a good spirt and plenty of positive attitudes. Tina is an strong Agile Coach that excels because she has a demanding job that involves traveling from the US mentoring and coaching many and many Scrum teams.

    Despite having a tough job she is full of energy that use to motivate and foster all the organisation to adopt the best Agile practices."

    Mario Lucero, Senior Lead & Agile Coach

    Extreme Pleasure to Work With

    "Tina is a strong leader. She has the art to keep her team motivated, happy and stress-free. She brings a very positive outlook to work and is always happy and smiling. Tina works with great focus, energy and enthusiasm on any project at hand. She is truly a go getter for something she puts her heart into.


    She is a fast learner and picks up new technology or anything and become a pro to lead it. Tina is a true entrepreneur. She can start-off any project from scratch with very little knowledge and builds it up successfully. Any teams looking to get started on Agile can get a head-start with just a few sessions of Agile training from her."

    Anita Phagura, Software Engineering Professional in Leadership

    Natural Leadership

    "Tina is a natural born leader. She was a mentor for many of us at Intuit. She quickly gained respect and proved herself through words and actions. She embraced process improvement, quality methodologies, testing techniques and so on! Taking charge of a new initiative and gaining buy in, to me, was one of her specialties. The company that chooses Tina, wouldn't regret the choice. Her excellent work ethic is hard to find these days.."

    Nancy Holliman, QA Engineer

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    It All Begins With Change

    When I think of agile, the first word that comes to mind is ‘transform’. Agile is a mindset made up of core values that will help you drive positive change in your organization. As an agile coach with over 25 years of leadership experience, my passion is to help organizations and individuals discover positive, powerful transformations to create benefits that will resonate throughout. In an ever-changing and increasingly complex world, Agile is the key to helping companies thrive in the midst of uncertainty. As your trusted advisor, I am excited to help you learn just how!


    How it Started...


    I began my career in Agile with Intuit. As a QA Manager at Intuit where I developed, mentored and led a high performing team for the Business Banking Platform. I discovered the power, simplicity and a deep, meaningful connection to Agile when I was invited to fly out to a company-sponsored workshop that focused on training agile coaches. Sitting in that cool air-conditioned room and leafing through the handouts, I knew almost instantly that my life would change. In those first moments when I learned what agile was really all about it was a perfect fit to what I had been doing for most of my life. I knew then that agile was going to be a great passion and calling.


    Being asked to lead the Agile Coach Program at Intuit was a critical milestone in my personal and professional journey and the opportunity filled me with joy. I had a front-row seat to seeing the positive impact that Agile helped drive in our organization, teams and employees. People began to experience break-through thinking, discover new possibilities and bond more closely than ever. Nothing could have prepared me for that moment of discovering the power of agile. Hey, it wasn't all perfect, but it was an experience that changed my life. I'm so grateful for all the support I received, it was amazing.


    When I moved to Bottomline Technologies and ADP, I continued to leverage my experience, energy and knowledge to help organizations achieve their desired results. At ADP, I served as the Director of Agility Transformation. I cultivated strategy and worked closely with engineering, product management and business stakeholders to facilitate Agile & Scrum organizational transformation.


    By conducting training, coaching for world-class software development organizations, I learned a tremendous amount about scaling Agile strategies and it's never something that happens overnight.


    To your success - cheers!