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Awareness. Acceptance. Achievement.

Time for a New Perspective on Agile.

The Dukkha is Real, But Don't Worry. Agile is Here. My intent for this series is to give readers a new perspective on agile that will enable possibility thinking, lasting behavior change and ultimately greater success. I'll be sharing some different thoughts, stories & experiences that will give you new ways of thinking about how to transform your organization, teams and yourself to becoming agile.

My agile journey began almost a decade ago & continues to be an awakening. When my mentors first introduced me to the values & principles, it didn't take very long for me to realize that my search for purpose in contributing to the greater good of the world was extremely close. Over the past several years, that purpose has expanded to include things I'd never imagine I'd be doing, but, like I tell my teams, "It's not for everyone, but being agile can change your life. It changed mine."

Much like Buddhism, Agile is not a religion where you simply drink the kool-aide & are miraculously "saved". No, it's more like an ancient tradition that focuses on personal and spiritual development. That's right. Not organizational development, but personal. What do I mean by spiritual, are we getting way off topic? Not really. Don't we want our agile teams to be inspired? The more inspired they are, the more creative and empowered they become and that leads to better results.

After all, what are organizations made of? People!

Agile is the mirror that gives deep insight into the reality, pain, dysfunction and waste that organizations, leaders and teams face & it's all very personal. Can you look in the mirror? This is what Buddhism and Agile have in common: Become aware of what is, accept what is and achieve what you thought was never possible.

More to come, cheers!

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